• ISEAS Obtains Commercial License – Dubai Branch

    Posted on: 1 May 2019

    Integrated Subsea Engineering & Services (ISEAS) has acquired Commercial License for Dubai Branch, as part of its growth strategy to offer its clients well-organized and timely services for Dubai based clientele. ISEAS is thankful to all it stakeholders in continuously trusting ISEAS and helping ISEAS in expanding its horizons.  

  • Achievement Award

    Posted on: 21st April 2019

    Ms. Elizabeth Borja Banal was awarded on behalf of ISEAS Management by Mr. Chandrakant Kulkarni from TUV Rheinland with an Appreciation certificate for her hard work and determined effort towards the QHSE Documentation.

    ISEAS Management acknowledges and thanks her efforts in qualifying ISEAS for Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2015) and Health & Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018) Standards. 

  • Diving Operations License

    Posted on: 22 April 2019

    Integrated Subsea Engineering & Services (ISEAS) has acquired Abu Dhabi Port License as part of its growth strategy to expand and offer its clients well-organized and timely services. This helps ISEAS in serving our worldwide clients more efficiently. The license is valid in all the ports in Abu Dhabi.

  • Achievement Award

    Posted on: 09th May 2019

    Mr. Harjender Singh and Mr. Mohammad Shujad were awarded by ISEAS Operation Manager, Mr. Pradeep ahlawat for their determined effort and hard work as they have achieved 30 continuous days of diving in the month of April 2019.

    Their commitment to the projects has been second to none.

    ISEAS Management acknowledges and thanks them for their commitment to the company and being on inspiration to their team members. 

  • Integrated Subsea Engineering & Services LLC (ISEAS) Opens Fujairah Office

    Posted on: August 2018

    Integrated Subsea Engineering & Services (ISEAS) has opened an office in Fujairah as part of its continued strategy to expand and offer its clients fast and efficient services. With the opening of ISEAS Fujairah Office, ISEAS has been accepted as part of approved diving companies in the Fujairah Port.

    In this, ISEAS is giving thanks to all, who continually trusted us. ISEAS will continue to strive for excellence to serve you with higher standard of safety, quality and efficiency.

  • Underwater inspection of MOPU & subsea inspection and limit switcs replacement of SPM - 2017

    Posted on: Dec 2017

    ISEAS in association with TGHJ provided Diving support services for sub-sea inspection & maintenance on the Petronas Charigali (T) Sdn. Bdh. SPM, located at Kiyanly on Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan.


    Manned as well as unmanned (ROV) subsea baseline, inspection including NDT on critical welds, on all 3 legs of the MOPU.


    General visual survey of SPM buoy Close visual inspection of flange joints on floating hose Close visual inspection of flange joints on subsea hose Visual survey of all three valves present on PLEM Cathodic potential measurements on PLEM Actuator valve limit switch replacement

    ISEAS Team successfully and safely completed the job with zero incident/accident.

  • Achievement Award

    Posted on: 17 January 2016

    Mr. Joyal Thomas, ISEAS lead diver was awarded with an Appreciation certificate by General Manager Mr. Robert Edmundson. His willingness to support wherever there is a need is greatly appreciated. It's that kind of flexibility and dedication that will help this company grow to its full potential. ISEAS management appreciate the extra time that he is spending at work , we all need to take on a little extra sometimes, and it's employees like him who make it work for us all. Mr. Thomas was appreciated for his strength as a diver, his determined efforts & hard work as he accomplished indefatigable diving days. He is an inspiration for his fellow divers & other team members.

  • ISEAS Featured on Discovery Channel

    Posted on: 08 March 2015

    Iseas management were approached during 2014, by a television production company with a request to use ISEAS video footage of a specialized vessel launching. This clip was to be featured on the Discovery Channel. ISEAS specialized launching of vessels from remote areas, from Tankers to Ferries, has been successfully completed from Tunisia to China utilizing pneumatic bags techniques. The ISEAS clip was to be used on the Discovery Channel production and was put “On Air” in the Discovery Channel series. It is in episode 8 of the series.

  • ISEAS First Bowling Tournament

    Posted on: 27 August 2014

    ISEAS first bowling tournament will commence on Thursday (28th Aug 2014) night at Kempinski Hotel, Ajman, UAE.
    The initial teams participating in the tournament will be:

    Aakrishtaa Team Lucky Strike Team Club400

  • Salvage Project

    Posted on: 26 August 2014

    ISEAS successfully completed salvage of a supply vessel from the seabed at Port Khalid, Sharjah. The Project was carried out during 2nd week of August 2014 using salvage lifting equipment and heavy duty lift air bags with the assistance of the port supplied tug & cranes. The vessel “SEA GULF” was raised from the seabed and moved from its laid position under a rig where it had settled beneath after sinking. The vessel was then brought to the surface and moved to the quay side with assistance of the port supplied tug, where supporting strops were attached to the vessel by divers, working in conjunction with rigging and crane operators.

    After securing the vessel to the cranes at the quay side, salvage pump was installed by ISEAS team to remove sea water from the hull, and have the vessel free floating on the surface next to the quay wall. The hull was than inspected by the dive team and a hole in the hull was found and plugged with a temporary wooden wedge to make the hull watertight, the remaining water was then pumped out. Once the vessel was afloat on its own all the rigging was then removed prior to handing over the vessel to the Client/Owners. ISEAS dive team and the Port personnel worked in unison to bring a successful and safe conclusion to this salvage project, allowing the Port to be once again fully functional.

  • ISEAS Acquire small inspection class ROV's

    Posted on: 23 July 2014

    To broaden the spectrum of its ROV services ISEAS recently introduced two small inspection class ROV’s into its ROV department. Video Ray Pro 4 MIL & Video Ray Scout X3 have been added to cater for the need of onshore organizations such as Desalination & Power Plants, Hotels, Sewerages Treatment Plants, Fish Farms etc.. for Internal Inspection of Pipelines, Water Intake Units & Tanks etc.

    The pro 4 MIL is the more powerful & versatile submarine unit which has a proven record for subsea inspections. ISEAS aims to utilize its Pro 4 for any inshore/near-shore/offshore subsea inspection projects. With the ROV industry growing, ISEAS' expansion plan of its ROV section includes additional Work Class ROV’s to support the local and more global Oil & Gas industries.

  • Celebrated the 5th Anniversary

    Posted on: 20 July 2014

    In July 2009 Krishan Kumar started a subsea engineering company, with a vision to bring professional subsea engineering personnel together to cover the Middle East for both inshore and offshore diving services; the company name is “ISEAS”. On the 20th July 2014, the company (ISEAS) celebrated 5 successful years by getting together all management, administrators and divers at a social gathering in Sharjah.

    The Founder (Mr. krishan Kumar) & the Co-founder (Mrs. Poonam Kumar) have given their best efforts & hard work to the organization and by their efforts, ISEAS has expanded from a company with 3 employees to 30 employees and over 50 contractors. The company has grown and diversified within the niche market of subsea engineering within the Offshore Oil & Gas industry by taking on fabrication, supply, installation and commissioning of subsea pipeline projects.

    Mr. Kumar said “It was a proud moment for the ISEAS Family to celebrate this exciting moment in the company’s history. By supporting each other we will endeavor to make the company grow steadily into the future with a bright outlook a positive attitude”.

  • Appreciation event

    Posted on: 30 January 2014

    Every year, organizations around the world take advantage of their country’s version of National Volunteer Week and the enhanced publicity that comes with it, hosting lunches, dinners, teas, ice cream socials, etc., in honor of their volunteers. …These types of events are considered formal recognition, meaning they are planned, institutionalized actions that happen on a repeating schedule, usually on an annual basis. As the name implies, formal recognition is something that is sanctioned by the organization and, by its very nature, often leaves little room for spontaneity. By contrast, informal recognition is all about the small, everyday gestures one does to express gratitude for other people. Rather than being an event that the organization arranges, it’s an action initiated by a supervisor or co-worker and is more personal and spontaneous in nature. …Such informal validations, which are always personal in nature, reinforce the vital concept that the most vibrant and resilient organizations are made up of individuals, coming together and sharing their unique strengths.