About Us

Integrated Subsea Engineering & Services LLC (ISEAS) is a dynamic Diving and Subsea company, formed by a team of experienced professionals in their respective fields with over 100 years of cumulative experience.

ISEAS offers comprehensive subsea engineering solutions to diverse clientele ranging from the sophisticated technical needs of major oil companies to the specific needs of ship owners and operators. With a pool of skilled personnel and state of the art equipment ISEAS is capable of honoring and exceeding client expectations.

With our immense experience and expertise our aim is to find innovative solutions for underwater problems and the provision of direct supervision and liaison at all stages of preparation and execution of a project. We believe we can offer support to any marine project, large or small, without compromising the quality of work & above all the safety of the project & personnel involved.

Company Policy


The company values and business principles are guidelines for all employees of ISEAS, designed to facilitate the achievement of our company goals and are an important means to enable us to live up to our high professional and ethical standards.

Our company values are:

  • Commitment to Safety :- “ISEAS personnel are our most important assets “. Therefore, we take the time that is needed to plan and to execute our tasks safely.
  • Team Work :- “ISEAS forms the best teams in the industry, by fostering the diversity of personnel and professional competencies”. We encourage our employees to make use of their potential and pursue clear communication, openness and mutual respect for common success.
  • Customer Focus :- “Our customers are the centre of everything we do”. We listen to our customers and develop flexible and creative ways to meet their need and treat them with respect, professionalism and honesty.
  • Innovation :- “We approach challenges and create solutions with a problem-solving and optimistic attitude that are bold and forward-looking”.
  • Accountability :- “We are fully responsible for our actions & performances, with a determination to succeed”.
  • Integrity :- “We act in accordance with our words and values”. We comply with the laws and respect the good business practices of the countries in which we operate.
  • Sustainable Profitable Performance :- “Ongoing profitable performance in the sense of sustainable development is the fundamental requirement for our activities”. We create added value in the interest of our customers and employees and assume a responsibility towards society.


At ISEAS we have three-pronged mission:

  • We are committed to heighten our clients pride by providing them with the highest standard of Integrated Subsea Engineering and Diving Services, whilst maintaining the greatest dedication to quality and safety.
  • We are committed towards continuous and exceptional customer focus, as well as, uncompromised care for our employees, suppliers and all other stakeholders in a socially responsible way.
  • We are committed towards saving the environment by consistently adopting and incorporating more sustainable practices into any of our business undertaking.


To be one of the worldwide leading providers of Integrated Subsea Engineering & Services by challenging the toughest issues and providing innovative solutions while meeting projects time & budget constraints with customer satisfaction.

Our mission and vision go hand in hand for achieving excellence in all that we do.